Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random pictures..

I was alone at home, bored... i took my camera and jalan-jalan at ladang..
(1) Too Far..
Zooming with my Tamron 18-200mm, outside of our home in Kluang...
Maybe i need a better telephoto lens huh..
(2) Cattle 'gathering'..
I shoot this scene at a farm, Institut Veterinar Malaysia.
(3) Shadow
What : a shadow of a man ... What he is doing: taking a photo
Where: Atas pokok :)... Who: Me hehe..

(4) A silent killer
The Malaysian call it pokok duit-duit as the leafage resemble a 10cent coin


kuai said...

Amat Best all ur gambar!!!...:)

Johnny J. said...

nice picture..! I like the photo of the reflection on water! ya.. maybe u should have telephoto zoom lenses.. That might approprite as you have related with animal.. hahaha.. anyway nicely done bro..congrats!

Gallivanter said...

Excellent shots!

Pirut said...

Nice shots Don! cantik2 sumua ko ambil kan.. :) Keep up the good work ah.. :D

Dodon said...

Thanks for the compliments..that shot biasa-biasa sj pun.. :) btw, i'll do better in the future.. i hope everybody like it..

Tny said...

Pokok duit2.. nice shot!
Dan gambar geng moo berkumpul.. nice shade =)

nurshafiqah said...

cantik sgt sume piccas tu. :)