Thursday, January 1, 2009


Dear Bloggers,
Have a friutful and wonderful year in 2009.
May all of your dream and hope will come true.
GOD bless u. Cheers~~

interesting SMSes from friends:
If You have sex 365 times this year and kept all the condoms and melt them,
you can make a tire and actually call it a GOODYEAR!
Wishing you HAPPY NEW YEAR! hehe..

[DELETE] yesterday's troubles
[SELECT] today's happiness
[SETTING] tommorow blessing
[SAVE] forever love
[CANCEL] all hatered
[PASTE] beautiful mood
[COPY] mesmerizing scenery,
[CAPTURE] beautiful photos :)

4 the words which makes u hurt
4 the advices that u can't take
4 for the things that you can't accept
1001 Apologise! Hepi new year

With clothes, the new ones are the best
with cars, the new one are also the best.
But with friends, aah the OLD ones are simply
THE BEST! Happy New Year my friends.

and many more..

ps: thanks guys for the smses that make me smile the whole day!..

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DrSam said...


Happy new year. Semoga tahun berikut memberi lebih inspirasi kepada kita semua.

GregChai said...

Selamat Tahun Baru, moga tahun 2009 membuka peluang yang lebih luas untuk semua.

†bandaged-knee† †Broken-Medusa† said...

hey! nice new widget! :) rock on! :)

Dodon said...

Thanks friends.. May 2009 give us more happiness, more peace less war.. we HATE WAR!

Sabri said...

wow.. mesej2 menarik.. ahaks.. happy new year too.. n salam maal hijrah..

LEon said...

Happy new year!

azza_irah said...

heppy new year 2 u..

Gagaukon said...

happy NY boss