Thursday, February 19, 2009

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Friday, February 6, 2009

For Sale: DSLR D60 and accessories

I am going to sell off my beloved 3 months old (oct 2008) DSLR D60
everthing is in good condition.. If anyone interested please contact me via email:-

Bundled with:

1 DSLR Body D60
1 Kits Lens 18-55mm
1 Batteries
1 Charger
1 Memory card (4G SDHC)
1 Nikon's sling Bag
protected screen since bought
Manual book

1+2 years extended warranty
1 mini Nikon tripod
1 Kenko Lens Filter (52mm)
1 Batteries

Price: RM 1900.00 (SOLD)

Also available (Sold separately):
1 Tamron telephoto lens 18-200mm (RM900.00 - Market price RM1100.00)
1 62mm Lens Filter
1 Nissin Flash (RM500.00 - Market price RM700.00)

Interested?.. then send your enquiry to dodon[at]
or SMS to -0198421013 (Sms only ya)TQ

**Please replace [at] with @