Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SNAPSHOT : ...after the audit... (part 1)

After auditing the last farm, Watan Waja Sdn Bhd. the manager belanja us lunch, (lunch pkl 2.30pm!, bunti-bunyi sd perut) - lapar hehe. Then on our way home to Kluang sempat lagi singgah to few places.. the photos will tell you the story..

Beli mangga, try dulu sblm beli, manis so i bought 2kg (only $3-$6 per kg, cheap compare to Kluang!).. beside that mangga i oso bought tapai ubi (miss the kinomulok Sabah) and jeruk buah (kedondong?) for my wife.

We saw this gerai and singgah tengok2.. i spent about $20! beli mcm2 hehe..Our 'pilot' sempat lagi pose with that ikan masin, xctually want to show the salted fish size, besarkan..they called it ikan talang.


Beck the BandagedKnees said...

heheh lost of buah2an u bought eh..? :) hehe im sure those fruits are worthy.. ^_^ ok baa.. tu.. for the healthy thingy kan..? hehe.. hopefully those pple around u guys tia alianated ni dgn serombongan yg membawa cam n everything.. heheh jk.. xD

Dodon said...

Beck: haha... they like it beck, only a young boy with his (i think) yang jaga dat gerai.. hmm that manggos r very sweet - my son like it v.much (2 biji kami kasi abis makan hehe)

Anonymous said...

Uhuks2... windu sgt kat kg.. kg tera kat sg gulang2.

Dodon said...

Tera: Call le kg Tera kalau windu.. hihi.. ari tu sy lalu je tg karang tu.. outstation kat Sungai Besar ..